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Election Evaluation Malang : ” In addition to the Auditor , took Appraisal Team to Examine Campaign Fund “

10 - 01 - 2015 Administrator News Update, In News, Activity, Lectures Act, Notice

Activities that attended one Lecturer of Political Science Program-UB, Wawan Sobari PhD (Thursday, March 24, 2016) discusses the flow of campaign funds pairs of candidates (paslon) and his team in the implementation of the elections. The activity was considered difficult to be detected and verified. For that there needs to be a team appraisal or assessment team tasked to verify the use of these funds.

This idea emerged in the evaluation of the elections of Malang and became one of the recommendations would be brought local KPU. Political Science Lecturer, Faculty of Social-UB Malang, PhD Sobari Wawan said the establishment of appraisal team is expected to answer the problem of verifying the origin and use of campaign funds from any paslon along with his campaign team.

During this time, verification of funds carried out by auditors. The disadvantage, financial aduit ‘only’ limited funds reported adjusted with evidence that included administration. according to Wawan, it is becoming difficult to prove the truth of reality in the field.

According to Wawan Sobari, “auditor Tasks performed using the measuring instrument expenditure of funds, real terms their use can not be the benchmark. Their appraisal team that is already expertise, will be able to prove to the real conditions on the ground, ”

Appraisal team not only takes KPU as the organizer of the elections, but also the related parties, such as the Election Supervisory Committee and paslon own. Appraisal can be a tool for the Commission to detect indications of money politics. Appraisal can be a reference paslon to prevent improper expenditure. In fact, successful team or volunteer paslon expend its own funds to support. Funds will be ‘returned’ when paslon Supported won in the elections.

This event was also attended by the facilitator in the evaluation of the elections of Malang, Mr. Widodo. He explained, “The principle of balance of campaign funds in order to create fairness in competition,”

Another recommendation that emerged, with regard to sanctions for paslon convicted of money politics (money politics). Criteria related to money politics, including the sanctions are still not regulated strictly and clearly. Indicators of money politics, he said, could be based on the amount of campaign funds. “Criteria paslon commit money politics still needs to be formulated deeper, so that in the event, and meet the requirements of customers, can be disqualified,” he said.