Political Science Program – Faculty of Social and Political Science

Research and Dedication

10 - 01 - 2015 Administrator

Results of this research has been done political science professors to develop science for the future can provide maximum teaching to students of political science. Lecturers who have done research among others, Henry Sobari, Ph.D, M.Faisal Aminuddin, Ph.D, Dr. Sholeh Mu’adi, Dr Hilmy Mochtar, and Henry E. Kuswandoro, M.Sc.

Results of the research faculty of which is the publication of scientific papers in local newspapers as well as national, scientific research disponsosi by international NGOs (such as AusAID) and the National (As JPIP), writing scientific journals (such as journal JSP UGM) and cooperation denganpemerintah central and local levels.

For community service has also been carried out by professors of political science courses. Community Services conducted by lecturers as a form of their dedication to improving the condition of society as a socio-political. community service performed by lecturers of political science courses have also been held in various places and various forms such as, socialization electoral district of Malang, Community Empowerment in Probolinggo, political and management training to the voters in the city of Malang.

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