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At first himapolitik formed the existence of a feeling of have each other between fellow-student course of study political science, and the need for a receptacle for fostering personal, aspiration; creativity and intellectual political science student.The establishment himapolitik in gagas by 5 person and college students political science the 2008 that is, farid akbar wira aryan by yudha, moh.Hasbi rofiqi, budiono, aji full moon julia utami. And is the rest of the team formatur the establishment of the set of this.

After making large himapolitik deliberation on 5 september 2009.Hence the set of block go outside now.And with sk dean of social science and political science number; 17 / j10.1.16 / sk / 2010.Hima politics have officially recognized among academics akademica brawijaya university.

The number of political science students in 2008 and 2009 is about 105 people .And in the age of relative political hima young has actively participated in many activities of local good , national and international .Has a lot of the banner of cooperation that has built with various companies , research institutions , and political science from the universities in indonesia in order to form students qualified and able to compete in the critical national and international level that can lift women and dignity of the indonesian nation . (Julia utami )

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