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Manual Procedure for Students

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Course of study using political science education guidebook the faculty of social and political science at university brawijaya (. )This guidebook education published for help in expedite circulating information related to the tri darma to college student lecturer and pimpinan and society.In addition, this guidebook also used as the academic acua in execution activities at the faculty of social and political science gambir-solo program consisting of sociology, the study of sociology gambir-solo communication science course of communication course of psychology international relations, a program of study course of study political science and governmental study program.

This guidebook is description of the implementation of the act of sisdiknas no. 20 / 2003 and government regulation no 60 1990 about higher education and decree of the minister of national education number 080 / 0 / 2002 on the statute university brawijaya.Considering problems always evolves, education we need to be repaired guidelines education so that in accordance with their needs and the developments taking place.

Education held by a course of study politics brawijaya university political science at this point is in the rank of a bachelor ( s-1 ) by applying credit system semester ( sks ).The application of sks is based on act no. 20 / 2003 about national education systems, pp 60 years 1999 on higher education and decree mendikbud number 056 / u / 1994 on guidelines for the drafting of the curriculum higher education and guidelines for implementation of the process of higher education on the basis of credit system of the first half.

Political science curriculum course of study drawn up based on the decision letter education and culture minister number 0223 / u / 1995 regarding curriculum national prevailing political science, even a degree program which is composed of the core curriculum / national curriculum raw is needed by people and adapted to the vision and the mission of a course of study political science and curriculum / institutional core curriculum that is charged institutions are arranged based on the needs of the university and stakeholders, either the government or nongovernmental.

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