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Management Complaints

10 - 01 - 2015 Administrator

Teaching and learning with the support Handling of complaints can help customize and develop learning implementation in accordance with the needs and the professional world. Therefore, a political science study program also formulate a complaints mechanism, handling complaints, and feedback.

Flow Grievance

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Flow Redress
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Objective: Provide direction procedurally and facilitate the students to submit complaints, suggestions, and criticisms related to the organization of the academic community.


1. Complaint Form Filling

  • Students will make a complaint, suggestion or criticism to fill up a complaint that has been provided by the study program in the staff room or a study program through the website of the course (for the online form click here)
  • The complaint form can be informed either directly or indirectly.
  • Media delivery can be done in two ways, either real (through box Drop Box) or virtual (via email

2. Formulation Solution

  • Form that has been entered will be recapitulated and then handed over to the chairman of the study program to follow-up.
  • Chairman of the Program will periodically hold meetings to discuss the recapitulation of student complaints.
  •  All studies program managers have an obligation to think about solutions to the problems faced by the study program.
  • Staff courses make the minutes of the proposed solutions on the recapitulation of complaints that have been discussed in the meeting.
  • Proposed solutions will be sorted by type, whether related to academic activities (organization of teaching and the like), equipment (educational facilities and the like), and so forth.
  • Minutes later made a complaint as document
  • Chairman of the Program to deliver solutions that have been agreed at a meeting of the Dean’s proposal and suggested that the solution can be implemented and supported by faculty system devices.