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“Service Improvement and Public Service Innovation in the East Java Provincial Government”, By Wawan Sobari, Ph.D


the issue of public service improvement and innovation is very much talked about by all the community. The issue there is to sue the provincial government of East Java games for local governments dijawa east to provide the best service to the community. Wawan Sobari, as speakers and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Political Science University of Brawijaya, give some material to participants who Hadi, that kejawiban for the existing administration area to provide quality public services.

Wawan Sobari, Ph.D scholars have academic backgrounds in the Department of Government, University of Padjadjaran, Bandung. Reaching M.A Public Policy and Management from the Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Netherlands (2005-2006). He is also listed as a senior researcher at the Jawa Pos Institute of Pro Autonomy (JPIP). His research covers areas of governance, public policy reform and monitoring the implementation of regional autonomy. Participated in various conferences and training them on Managing Diversity in Budapest-Hungary, 2006. Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) in Washington DC, 2008. The publications include: Introduction to Political Science (together Deden Fathurrahman), UMM Press, 2002, Innovation as Reference: three Years of Autonomy and Autonomy Award, JPIP, 2004, Henry Sobari, (et al). Build Change Initiative Mendorang: 10 Initiatives Involving Non-Islamic Organizations In Mendorang Good Governance and Antipoverty, The Asia Foundation, 2007. Today he continues his doctoral studies at Flinders Institute of Public Management, Flinders University, Australia. Currently pursuing a doctoral degree at Flinders University, Sturt Road, Bedford Park, Adelaide, South Australia