Political Science Program – Faculty of Social and Political Science


10 - 01 - 2015 Administrator

1. Name: Nasrul Salim
NIM: 125120500111040
Date: February 23, 2014

Complaint: “I want to ask, if I could do Register KRS manual to entrust to a fellow student? Because I am from eastern of Java and was not allowed to return to school. Thank you.”


2. Name: Ahmad Bashori

NIM: 125120501111024
Date: April 15, 2015

Complaint: “I want to ask, I have a complaint regarding Lecturer Academic Counselor. Mrs. Realina Akbar that the last semester study program been moved from the political science. then, can i take the signature with the other lectures? Thank you.”

3. Name: Andika Jaka Permana

NIM: 125120500111030
Date: October 9, 2013

Complaint: “I want to ask, I have a complaint regarding lecturer named Wawan Sobari. He is currently studying advanced studies S3 in foreign country, so he could not fill in the classroom for study. Thank you.”