Political Science Program – Faculty of Social and Political Science


10 - 01 - 2015 Administrator

Infrastructure used in the learning process in PS IP FISIP UB faculty asset and its use is done jointly with other departments, namely the Department of Political Science, Sociology, Communication, Psychology, International Relations, Governance Studies, and Graduate Program. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Social) is located in the complex of Universitas Brawijaya (UB), located at Jalan Veteran, Malang 65145. This building berletak on an area of ​​3748.27 m2 with undeveloped land area of ​​2,112 m2, which is used for a variety of office space and a lecture hall and is equipped with a parking area and garden.
Based on the allocation of space, in this FISIP building there are 32 classrooms 7 Studies Program faculty room and coupled with other spaces. For lectures, during the last three years (TS-4) ie 2012 until TS year (2014), the number and extent of changes after the construction of new public buildings and bridges, ie a total of 32 classrooms with an area of ​​2112 m2. 32 The space is divided into: 14 rooms with a capacity of 40-60 persons, 4 rooms with a capacity of accommodating up to 50 people, and 14 rooms with a capacity of accommodating up to 70 people.
Implementation of the lecture is supported by means of 1 LCD, 1 display unit, 1 table lecturer, seat lecture (40-70), 1 chair professor, i fruit white board, and air conditioning (AC or fan) in each room. The study process at PS IP FISIP UB is also supported by the availability of hot spots that are scattered in dozens point FISIP environment that can be used by students, faculty, academic staff and educational staff.
The system settings have been scheduled use of classrooms. Who is responsible for this is by working with academic subsections common subsection and supplies.