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10 - 01 - 2015 Administrator

In 2013 PS IP FISIP UB has had a new faculty room that has been designed in accordance with the standards of facilities and infrastructure organization of Higher Education. This lecture rooms have been divided based on the principle of the faculty of the workspace. PS IP space FISIP UB lecturer has a total area of 171.45 m2, consisting of 11 private room for each one professor, two spaces for Kaprodi and Sekprodi, 1 room for the administration, one room for book collection space, a space for storage of documents and tools, a space for the faculty conference room, and two spaces for discussion and Laboratories. Space FISIP UB lecturer PS IP has been complemented by facilities such as 5 PCs, 1 TV size 52 inch, 3 units of printer and wifi hotspot which can be accessed either at all points in space faculty and students in the waiting room. Besides PS IP FISIP UB also has a student lounge.

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Here the Library on Study Course of Political Science, located at Room of lectures. kinds of books are handbook, Thesis, proposal of apprentice, PKN, academic guidance,and many more.


Administration Studies Room of Political Science Program University of Brawijaya, used to take care of the various needs of the administration of lecturers and students

Head Chief’s Room of Political Science

Secretary’s Room



Lectures Room Political Science Program


Meeting Room Program of Political Science of the University of Brawijaya


meeting point of Political Science Program of UB. Typically used for meetings of the faculty, or consulting lecturers and students.