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Greeting of Head Chief

10 - 01 - 2015 Administrator

The Greeting of Head Chief program courses.

The Political Science study program Brawijaya University has been starting since 2008. But only since February 6th 2009, the course program of political Science get the Decree from DIKTI number: 141/D/T/2009 about the implementation permit of the newest program on FISIP Brawijaya University bachelor graduate level.

We realized that as the new education institution, we sure needs a lot of efforts. Eventough like that, we already do the most serious efforts with preparing our human resource who have the ability, so that make us capable to give the best results for the teaching process, research, and the development of science with a larger scale.

Until 2014, we already producing 74 bachelor Graduate, from 812 people that we have since 2008. They got the lecture from our lecturer staff and also the guest lecturer from a the practitioner

In order to support the teaching activities, we have a labotary for Political Science and policy engineer or ( Lapora ) which specialized as a place for the students who wants to access their data needs and also as a device research learning center.

Also in order to give an information to a public about profile, activities, and publication that we have done, we hope this website can help the public to understand about political Science of Brawijaya university.

Chief of Political Science Program

Dr. Hilmy Mochtar, MS