Political Science Program – Faculty of Social and Political Science

Human Resources

10 - 01 - 2015 Administrator

Recruitment procedures, was accepted and the appointment of lecturer PS IP FISIP UB based with recruitment system implemented by the Faculty and The University. Study program gives faculty proposals and the criteria required courses to the Faculty.

Administrative personnel courses recruited and appointed by the Faculty. The Faculty which determine the criteria and skills that should be possessed by administrative staff who assist the administration of PS IP FISIP UB. Until early 2011, the administrative personnel PS IP FISIP UB as an employee who has the administrative and computer skills.

Management of faculty work environment PS IP FISIP UB framed in the work that is included in the Tri Dharma University. PS IP FISIP UB push to the entire Faculty to be able to perform the function of education, research and community service continuously and substance. With regard to teaching load every lecturer, always to endeavored to perform load balancing to all faculty teaching the PS IP FISI UB based on the suitability of the expertise possessed by each lecturer.

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