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10 - 01 - 2015 Administrator

In order to implementing the work programs and fullfiling hopes and needs of the stakeholder on  existence in a course of political science study, the chief of Social Science Program or ( PIS ) Brawijaya University have inisiatives to established Political Science program. The existence of this program soon will also be a fundamental argumentation that change the name of Social Science Program or (PIS) into Faculty Of Social And Political Science. To started this initiative the chief of Social Science program published a letter of Assignment Chief program No. 099/j10.1.16/KP/2008 dated January 18th 2008 with the arrangement of the committee such as :


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Care Taker : The Head of Social Science Program (Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Darsono Wisadirana, MS)

The Chairman : Wawan Sobari, S.IP., MA

Treasurer : Muktiyatun, As.Md.

Secretarials :

  1. Sugeng Hadi Santoso
  2. Sigid David Pahala

Members :

  1. Antoni, S.Sos., M.Si.
  2. Drs. Amir Hasan Ramli, Psi., M.Si.
  3. Vita Amalia P., S.IP., MA
  4. Dian Mutmainah, S.IP.
  5. Mely Noviryani, S.Sos.

The general Helper :

  1. Siswaji, SE
  2. Sigit Krisdiyanto, S.Sos.
  3. Warmi, A.Md.


Those team have the responsibility to arrange the proposal by studying the feasibility of founding this Course program. This Feasibility study and proposal Arrangement have successfully implemented within three months. But beyond our expectations, The Faculty Of Administration program Also Sent a proposals to established the Political Science program as well using The head of University Covering Letter no.1026/J10/AK/2008 Dated march 31st 2008. After passing through a conversation on rector’s Level, they reached an agreement that Social Science Program or ( PIS ) will retreat and will not continuing the proposals arrangement that they sent already to the DIKTI.

At January 6th 2008, DIKTI sent a reply letter no.1339/D2.2/2008 about suggestion to open the newest courses programs on Brawijaya University which contain a follow up letter from The head of University no.0778/A10/AK/2008 dated March 08th 2008 and also no.0830/J10/AK/2008 dated march 11th 2008 which said that the course of political Government Studies have nothing on a DIKTI decree No. 163/DIKTI/Kep./2007 dated November 29th. According to that letter, The Head Of University have sent the Letter to DIKTI dated August 1st 2008 no. 2633/J10/LL/2008 which mentioned that the proposals of Political Science program establishments that have been filed by administration science Faculty have been rejected by Director General of DIKTI because the program of Political Science is not based on Administration Science scope. While in point number two has  said that the opening of Political Science program will be handled by Social Science program and the two sides (FIS and FIA) have reach the agreements for it.

The existence of the function letter that has sent to the head of University became the fundamental thing for The Dean Of FIS to follow up and also enquiring about the bundle program problem that has been sent about the opening of the newest course program which is Political Science Program from Social Science Program or (PIS).

On August 29th 2008 by means of DIKTI letter no.2297/D2.2/2008, there’s news that the suggestion on opening the Political Science program that has filed by Brawijaya University has been responded back by DIKTI. The letter talk about revising few technical things. Which 1). Graduates need to analyzing the prospect using the competence data from 5 years experience and also the prospect prediction for 5-10 years ahead. 2) Preparing the Graduates abilty competence at “what” and the substance of political study as “how” that been created  on matrix form as a main competence of political science. Then the curriculum and the process of the study will be define to reach a competency that point to decree from Mendiknas No.232/U/2000 and the Decree of Mendiknas No.045/U/2002, 3) the permanent lecturer that been filed currently still missing three people with a proper education background in accordance with a study course that been proposed. 4) the graduates needs to understand according attaching list of books on the library, how to use name of the author, name of the publisher, year of published, on the assignment. This is written in the decree of Mendiknas no.234/U/2000.

According to those functional letter, then the Dean of Social science Faculty created a team back on November 10th 2008 no. 2216/J10.1.16/KP/2008 with a structure like :


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The Care Taker : The Dean of Social Science Program

The Chief : Wawan Sobari, S.IP., MA

The Treasurer : Sutan Rachman WHS, SE.

The Members :

  1. Prof.Dr.Ir.Sanggar Kanto, MS.
  2. Dr. Mardiyono Djafar, MPA.
  3. M. Faishal Aminuddin, SS., M.Si.

General Helper :

  1. Siswaji, SE
  2. Yoga Prabowo S, S.Pd.
  3. Sugeng Hadi Santoso


With a lot of hard work, finally our team have succeed on finishing the revision of a proposal of establishment political science Study program according with DIKTI certainty. This hard work reaping a success result on February 6th 2009 through the decree of DIKTI no 141.D/T/2009. The Political Science Study Program has received a permission letter to implementing with Wawan Sobari, S.IP., MA as the chief of Political Science program accordance with the decree of the head of university letter No.257/SK/208 dated October 20th 2008.