Political Science Program – Faculty of Social and Political Science

Organizational Structure

10 - 01 - 2015 Administrator

1. Organizational Structure Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP)

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2. Organizational Structure Study Courses of Political Science

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[spoiler show=”Head Chief”]

  1. Develop plans and work programs as a working guideline Studies Program;
  2. Making the concept of the development plan study program as input Dean (further studies, training of staff / faculty, laboratory and administrative staff, students soft skills training);
  3. Guide and assess student activities in the Program for the development of materials;
  4. Coordinate the provision of education / academic undergraduate programs in the Program;
  5. Coordinates the development of GBPP, SAP teaching;
  6. Develop / evaluate the workloads teaching faculty each semester;
  7.  Monitor and evaluate the implementation of lectures to improve the quality of study program;
  8. Coordinate the implementation of the test and the collection of exam questions;
  9. Proposed the assignment Lecturer Guardian or Academic Advisor to the Dean;
  10.  Coordinate the implementation of student consultation with academic supervisor;
  11.  Develop plans operating costs per year Study Program Study Program based on the workload and conditions applicable to the smooth operation of the lecture;
  12. Develop plans need faculty and administrative departments;
  13. Coordinate the faculty to do research, and community service in accordance with the workloads and expertise;
  14. Prepare reports on the implementation of the Program in accordance with the results that have been achieved as the accountability of the task.


[spoiler show=”Secretary”]

  1. Help prepare materials to the draft plan and the annual work program study program as guidance tasks;
  2. Help prepare materials concept development plan study program (further studies, training of staff / faculty, laboratory and administrative staff, students soft skills training)
  3. Help make a division of lectures and faculty teaching loads;
  4. Coordinate the drafting GBPP and SAP based on the applicable regulations;
  5. Develop instruments monitoring the implementation of the course in accordance with applicable regulations;
  6. Monitor the progress of a student’s study;
  7. Collecting the value end of the semester;
  8. Coordinating the students who complete the final project with the supervisor to the smoothness of academic work;
  9. Develop an implementation plan pratikum;
  10. Coordinating Program administration and collecting documents related to the Program;
  11. Draft report on the implementation of activities Studies based on data and information.


[spoiler show=”Head of UJM”]

  1. Preparation of documents (Specification Program (SP), Manual of Procedure (MP), Work Instructions (IK), which according to the Academic Standard, Academic Quality Manual and Procedures Manual at the faculty level);
  2. Self Evaluation Report Preparation Programs and EPSBED (Electronic Report of Self-Evaluation Self-Evaluation Based Studies Program) PS for each semester;
  3. Preparation Academic Quality Internal Audit (AIMA);
  4. Preparation Audit International Standard Organization (ISO)
  5. Continuous quality improvement is based on the formulation of the corrections department.


[spoiler show=”Head of Laboratory”]

1. Responsible for inventory tools and lab materials;
2. Develop plans and work programs or activities of the laboratory;
3. To coordinate, manage and prepare for pratikum labs and research;
4. Develop technical guidelines (SOP) laboratory use;
5. Develop a procurement plan, maintenance of laboratory equipment, such as:

  • Propose the materials and equipment needed for each semester to the Dean through the Chairman of the Program;
  • Reported damage, loss and deficiency – lack of facilities which are under the responsibility of the head of the laboratory to the Chairman of the Program;

6. To coordinate the development of science in a particular field of study through research;
7. The right to reject user requests a laboratory outside the applicable regulations;
Prepare reports on laboratory management periodically.

[spoiler show=”Head of Study Centre”]

  • Coordinate the implementation of research and community service FISIP UB lecturer PS IP-based assessment of each.
  • Assist in the implementation of cooperation with external agencies.
  • Develop a schedule for the use of space study center for discussion or study.
  • Inventory of research and community service IP FISIP PS UB lecturer.
  • Monitor the curriculum development study program to fit the needs of policy makers / stakeholders.
  • Build Political coordination with laboratories and PS IP FISIP UB


[spoiler show=”Lecture”]

  • Carry out education, research, and community service;
  • Plan, implement the learning process, as well as assess and evaluate learning outcomes;
  • Improving and developing the academic qualifications and competence on an ongoing basis in line with the development of science, technology and the arts;
  • Act objectively and do not discriminate on consideration of gender, religion, race, ethnicity or certain physical conditions, or socio-economic background of students in learning;
  • Upholding the legislation, laws and codes of conduct, as well as religious values and ethics; and
  • Maintain and foster national unity.