Political Science Program – Faculty of Social and Political Science

Vision and Mission

10 - 01 - 2015 Administrator

Vision and Mission of the Political Science Program



Being a spirited entrepreneur courses and international standards that address the challenges of socio-political change at the local, national, regional and global in 2030.


1. Encourage quality improvements Political Science Program through institutional capacity in the field of education, quality of lecturers, Research and Community Service.

2. Educate Political Science student to have the ability to identify, classify, and solve problems for the actual political issues within the scope of the National, Regional (ASEAN), and International.

3. recent research in political science, who is able to bring research-based policy recommendations and to support learning activities and networking among institutions at home and abroad.

4. Conduct a community service activities that contribute to increasing the capacity of government, community capacity building, as well as increase social sensitivity faculty and students to get a dignified civilization.

5. Develop a network of cooperation with academic institutions at the national level, regional, and international.